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The 5 M's to improve your GAS

woman meditating in a groupThank you for going on this journey with me on how you can alleviate stress. I’ve provided two examples, one physical example and one emotional example as to how stress can affect our lives and gone over the 3 virtues that can see you through it.

Today we will go over the 5 M’s that are scientifically proven to improve your GAS:

  1. Meditation
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Movement
  4. Metabolism
  5. Motivation

Again, these are books in and of themselves, but let me summarize.

Meditation is amazing. I do Transcendental Meditation. It’s simple. It works. It has 300+ peer-reviewed studies backing it. It’s legit. It’s easy. It’s natural. It’s devoid of new-age BS. There are many other ways. Find something and do it (Discipline and grit help here).

Mindfulness, to me, means becoming aware of what we think and feel and questioning it. All the time. Especially when we feel off. I use Byron Katie’s The Work. You can look it up. It works. Every time.

Movement. Simple. Go move. I like weights. I am a 45-year-old man with two young kids and a very busy practice. I want the most efficient way to build strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as hormonal optimization. Weights are it. Find your own path and DO IT.

Metabolism: That’s what you eat and how you digest it. If you are stuck, get help. Keep it simple.

Motivation means you have a purpose that is bigger than you that drives you. It also means that purpose is linked to your core virtues – gratitude, love, benevolence, grit, and discipline. When you discover that purpose, no pandemic, no pushback, and no president can stop you from being who you are meant to be.

If you need help with your GAS, reach out. My work that I have devoted my life to is all about finding what’s causing leaks in the GAS and how to get you the GAS you crave – in a way that is genetically and energetically engineered to be the perfect fit for YOU. Everyone is different, so remember to think for yourself.

Fads come and go and there are millions of screaming social media voices trying to pull you into their vortex (and buy their stuff – whether products or ideas). Stay true to you, do the good work, and work for a Higher Power. You’ll get there. If you need a guide, contact us . I’ll walk with you along the path and teach you to use your own compass.

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  1. Keli Gillenwater says
    Jun 02, 2021 at 6:50 PM

    Very refreshing to read your tips and see your face, Dr Matt!

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