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Nutrition Fundamentals Part 3 - Triglycerides, Saturated Fats and Series Wrap Up

Dear Friends,

Family laughing eating dinnerToday I will finish the three-part nutrition series and provide an overview of the series.

Another helpful tool is to use Medium Chain Triglycerides and saturated fats from things like butter in the morning of your fast. You can blend them into your favorite beverage. This originated in Tibet and Nepal to give energy that would last for hours in a culture where eating in the morning was not feasible. I like this very much. You can do this easily with coffee or chai. 1 Tablespoon of MCT oil and 1 Tablespoon of grass-fed butter works great. Your body will remain in a fasting state while using fat as a fuel source. It’s not cheating, it’s an optimization.

Chances are when you first start this it will feel hard. Your body will push back. You will feel cravings. Don’t give in. Lean into the sensations and feelings and observe what comes up emotionally. This is just as much of an emotional detox as it is a physical one. Unless you are really struggling with energy, mood, and dizziness, I suggest you give it a solid go for a while. When in doubt, find a chiropractor or doctor or naturopath who really understands this and get some help to find balance. We get so addicted to comfort and it’s really healthy to break your addiction to that. It will make you stronger, tougher, more resilient, and at the same time more loving and compassionate. In these uncertain times, we need both.

For me, personally, I find the motivation to do anything by asking myself this question: “how can I use this to grow closer to God and help others?” For me, that does the trick.

With any “painful” experience, the solution is to lean in, feel it all, be with it all and transcend limits and boundaries. This is actually one of the great secrets of entering the elusive “flow” state in which we access our unlimited potential. This is a great secret of meditation masters and martial artists and elite athletes. They LEAN into all of it and gobble up every sensation like a superfood smoothie. It turns into their rocket fuel.

Quick review. Generally, we need way fewer calories than we think we do. We also really only need to eat 1-2x per day. This is malleable based on your activity. For me, I see a lot of patients and have two kids. I train at the gym 5 days a week. I pay attention to what my body needs, and keep this a mindful and fluid flow. Generally, I eat dinner at 6:30 and then eat lunch at 12:30. I have a tea or coffee or yerba mate in the morning with good fats and a little butter. The more you do this, the better your body gets at becoming a fat-burning machine. When it gets tough, lean in and really have the grit to buck our addictions to comfort. For me, personally, food has often been a source of comfort (and addiction), so this is a very mindful and powerful practice.

The two meals you do eat, enjoy them. Savor them. Chew slowly. Be grateful to be alive, and to have sustenance. Eat with people you love, if possible. Give thanks. Touch base with a higher power. In our family, we like to hold hands. As we eat we each share what we are grateful for. No big deals, just leveling up the vibes. 1% per day. Note the good. Learn from the failures and move on.

When we fall, just take St. Paul’s advice: shake the dust off your shoes and pants and move on. The smile on your face. Strong back, open heart.

In love, passion, energy, and purpose,

Dr. Matt

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