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New Patients at Dr Matt Lyon

What to Expect

When visiting Dr Matt Lyon for the first time, you’ll feel the difference the moment you walk in. Experience a feeling of serenity that relaxes and comforts. Our offices, located in The Allen House, provide a comfortable sanctuary where healing can take place. Essential oils and a quiet ambiance make you feel safe and connected in our no-judgment space.

Before your first visit, please complete all online forms, especially the intake questionnaire and symptom survey, so Dr. Lyon can review before you arrive.

The Initial Consult

Dr. Lyon’s goal on your first visit is to get to know who you are as a person, not just your problem. During your 90-120-minute consult, you have his undivided attention. He compiles the details of your personal history, including genetic and lifestyle information. Using various diagnostic tools, he will look for what is causing the problem. Addressing nutrition, physical and emotional factors as well provides a framework to build your treatment plan.

When You Return

After evaluating all the data, Dr. Lyon will come up with your accurate, individualized treatment plan. Unlike other chiropractic practices, this may not include regular, twice-a-week adjustments. The length of your follow-up visits may vary based on the treatment(s) scheduled; usually 30-60 minutes.

There are no cookie-cutter programs at Dr Matt Lyon; we have result-oriented goals designed just for you. The more pro-active and motivated you are, the better the outcome.


Your treatment plan will be based on the use of several therapies; insurance is not accepted. Payment is requested at the time of treatment.

Dr. Lyon is waiting to meet you and start your healing process. Contact us today for an appointment!

New Patients at Dr Matt Lyon | (720) 487-4477