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Discover Your Body, Discover Yourself
with Chiropractor Dr. Matt Lyon

 Isn’t it time that someone listened to you and really heard what you were trying to say about your body?

That time is NOW!

Dr. Matt Lyon is a world-renowned chiropractor who has helped thousands in the last twenty years. He doesn’t just adjust your spine, he listens to all of your concerns so that he can empower you to adjust your life. He then works with patients to determine a plan to get you feeling your absolute best!

Think of all the things that your pain and discomfort have impacted. It’s likely even affected your mindset and how you perceive things. Dr. Lyon offers opportunities to connect with all of your traumas, physical and mental so that you can walk your own path freely.

For a limited time, we’re offering a new patient special to encourage more people to seek chiropractic care.

New Patient Special: $149 (a savings of $250!)

Still want to learn more? Text me today at
(720) 487-4477. How can I help you?

This limited offer Includes:

  • Total body stress assessment with a chiropractic master with over 20 years of experience
  • In depth medical history, listening with deep compassion
  • Science based assessment of brain function using EEG
  • Science based assessment of Heart Rate Variability- shows vagus nerve tone and resilience
  • Neurostructural posture assessment
  • Body energy assessment with bio-well bio photon camera
  • Loving and inclusive environment that celebrates intuitive knowing and seeing
  • Affordable and easy to implement strategies to get well and stay well for a lifetime

New Patient Special Dr Matt Lyon | (720) 487-4477