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Gentle Chiropractic Care with Neuro Spinal Adjustments (NSA)

illustration of brain neurons

What is NSA?

In its simplest form, NSA adjustments are all about fine-tuning the brain to improve your physical wellbeing, emotional state, stress response and body awareness. These adjustments are done so in an extremely gentle, focused way that doesn’t involve much popping or cracking like you’d expect in a more general adjustment technique.

In the practice, Dr. Lyon incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic testing into each patient’s care plan, as getting the best look as to how your body is currently operating helps us devise a custom care plan for you. Tools we use regularly include the first-ever system to measure brain waves in chiropractic offices called the NeuroInfinity machine. This allows us to see exactly how your brain is functioning and responding in real time, which gives incredible insight before and after adjustments to measure improvement.

We’re also proud to offer heart rate variability testing in addition to spinal scans to identify areas of stress and tension. Ultimately, these tools help us identify trauma patterns that provide amazing insight as to how we can work to restore your body’s ability to heal itself.

At Dr Matt Lyon, Dr. Lyon performs these adjustments in an open community setting to help sync the healing powers of the entire practice. This means that there aren’t any walls up, however for patients who wish to be adjusted in a private room, we’re happy to accommodate the request–simply let us know.

Dr. Matt Lyon’s Personal Experience with Neuro Spinal Adjustment

Dr. Lyon has been performing neural spinal adjustments for years, making it his go-to therapy for the last 15. While in undergraduate school, Dr. Lyon met a chiropractor who performed NSA, and was blown away by the physical, chemical and emotional trauma he saw improve firsthand. After he had his first NSA adjustment, he felt like the colors of life beamed brighter, sounds rang more vibrant, and food tasted better. Simply put, this gentle and specific form of adjustment unlocked Dr. Lyon’s full potential, and he can’t wait to help his patients discover the very same thing.

Let’s do what we can to give our body the ability to heal, naturally.”

Dr. Lyon

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