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Livity and Love Event

Healing + Livity: Radical Regeneration in Jamaica

June 27 – July 2nd
at Jake’s Hotel in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

This 5-day retreat at Jake’s Hotel is an incredible opportunity to experience a deep and profound Radical Regeneration of body, mind, and soul. For over a decade Dr. Matt and Lynn have been leading life-changing, body healing, and soul-restoring retreat programs in Jamaica.

The last two years have been deeply challenging and traumatic for so many of us. The true medicine, we believe, is to come together in a deep community and re-awaken that healing spark of Life that exists within us Always, and in all ways. This is done in creating an ecosystem of beauty, tranquillity, peace, safety, love, and rich healing energy. In this balanced and healthy ecosystem, we:

Learn all about Jakes,
our beautiful hotel for the retreat:

  • Deeply and truly release the incredible stress that has accumulated over the last 2 years
  • Enter into a safe and sacred community, which is scientifically proven to heal trauma and improve your health
  • Get your energy and life force back on line with 2-3 healing sessions with Dr. Matt per day which will include his famous chiropractic adjustments and group acupuncture.
  • Refurbish your body and mind daily with morning yoga, breathwork, and meditation
  • Find your smile and laugh again as you play in the incredible, off-the-tourist-grid, and easy-going paradise of Treasure Beach.
  • Reclaim your inner Innocence with amazing food, heart-thumping reggae music, and an environment free of all the pressures and stresses of the last 24 months.
  • Uplift your soul and reawaken your life’s unique and beautiful purpose so that you can return as a Soul on Fire helping others in your own unique way
  • Improve your health on every level and bolster your physical and spiritual immune system in potent ways.
  • Reinvigorate and heal your love life and relationship: Partners and couples in relationships will receive 2 one-on-one private 1 hour sessions with Lynn.
  • Reset your soul compass: Singles not participating in couples coaching will receive 2 one-on-one sessions with Lynn or Matt to help you work through anything that has held you back or that needs healing in your psyche and mind.

Our retreats have historically sold out quickly so if this calls you deeply, follow your heart and leave the known world a while. Come home to yourself. Come home to your roots. Come drink the healing nectar of the One Love vibes that permeate the succulent atmosphere of this beautiful island.

You are so incredibly worth it. Of all the work that I have done over my 29 years of teaching and giving healing, these Jamaican Retreats are hands down, the most impactful life and health changing experience I have ever seen.

Our retreats are small in size but mighty in love. We keep our retreats intimate for those seekers who want a more intimate, personal, and in-depth experience. We are a circle of healers, peers, and humans who come together as the roots of one human tree of life. There are no gurus at our programs, except for the beautiful Innate Intelligence that is your very life essence.

Retreat Fee: $1800 per person **LIMITED TIME ONLY**

Room and board is separate and booked directly with Jake’s hotel using code MLR.

We also have several need-based sliding scale scholarships for those who have been hardest hit financially in the last 2 years

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Livity and Love Event | Dr Matt Lyon