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Free Consultation at Dr Matt Lyon

A More Vibrant Life

This is your chance to dip your toe in and see if a more vibrant life is for you, a life feeling your absolute best; learning and understanding exactly what keeps your body and immune system in top shape. It could mean a stronger and longer life for you to live and love the way you want.

woman sitting on couch smiling at laptop

Take advantage of the best deal in town, a free fifteen-minute consultation with Dr Matt Lyon over our secure tele-health portal. Book one of our free consultations if you’ve been wondering whether you could live more healthily, and feel more authentically you. There’s no obligation, and no charge whatsoever.

Our Free Consultation Includes:

  • 15 minute session done over our tele-health platform (similar to zoom).
  • Share your health concerns, tell us what you want out of your life.
  • Understand how your wellness is keeping you from the things you love.
  • Figure out what you are looking for, what is going on.
  • See whether my approach can help you get where you want to be.
  • Learn first hand whether we are a good fit.


Free Consultation | (720) 487-4477