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Foundation Training

Dr Matt holding womans legWhen Dr. Lyon was in chiropractic college, a fellow student-Dr. Eric Goodman-was struggling with debilitating back pain and sought a way to alleviate his discomfort. Dr. Goodman went on to develop Foundation Training, which is a movement system that facilitates the body’s natural healing ability and addresses pain.

Experiencing the Benefits Firsthand

Seeing 80-100 patients a day took a physical toll on Dr. Lyon, and he, too, suffered from chronic back pain. He also had stress and wanted to be able to transform that stress into growth. “The things that weigh people down are the emotional baggage they carry, the bad stuff they put into their bodies, and poor posture,” said Dr. Lyon.

Dr. Lyon was intrigued by Foundation Training and called up Dr. Goodman. Dr. Lyon said, “Chiropractic is great but there’s something that needs to be fundamentally changed in how I move.” Not only did Foundation Training help him with his pain but also his stress.

Dr. Goodman’s Foundation Training helped Dr. Lyon so much that he became certified in the method in 2015.

Through the years, this system has become a central piece of my strength and fitness program. – Dr. Matt Lyon

Foundation Training is a very simple movement system that teaches your body to use all the muscles, breathing and posture that defies gravity and restores life to your joints- especially your spinal and hip joints. “After having back pain for two years I never thought I’d be able to lift weights again. Now I can deadlift hundreds of pounds,” said Dr. Lyon.

The science-based, evidence-based movement system is a combination of various maneuvers that are formed into a sequence that he teaches each patient. For Dr. Lyon, the system is like “the ultimate chiropractic yoga.”

It helps people turn on the muscles that align their spine that help them undo the damage of stress. Foundation Training helps to decompress the whole body which heals the hips and the joints. Foundation Training also includes a specific breathing exercise that is a game-changer, according to Dr. Lyon.

Dr. Lyon is able to teach the mechanics of this movement system to his patients fairly quickly-in about 3-6 sessions. Some patients continue to work with him two years after he’s taught them the method. For those patients, Dr. Lyon retools their movement and provides them with different sequences.

If most people practice Foundation Training with diligence and persistence they can completely retrain how their body moves. Another benefit of this approach is it resets one’s mood.

The breathwork involved in the training adds dimension and space to your spine. The breathing alone can often change people’s pain patterns. The technique used oxygenates the brain and transforms stress.

The movements themselves are simple but with each of them, you’re working hundreds of muscles-in particular, the right muscles that are on the back of your body. These include your hamstrings, your back and your butt.

Dr. Lyon has measurable evidence that he had de-aged after starting Foundation Training. “My doctor looked at me and said, ‘I’ve never had a patient like you. You literally de-aged and recreated your spine!’”

Prime Your Day

When Dr. Lyon was a kid he remembers having to prime the lawnmower before it would start. He considers Foundation Training a great way to prime your day and light up your potential for life.

If you’d like to learn more about this sophisticated movement system and how it could benefit you, contact Dr Matt Lyon today to book an appointment!

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