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Dr Matt Lyon Upcoming Events

Wine, Women and Wellness

February 19th from 4-6 pm

This is an awesome organic community for current clients, their friends and potential new clients where I will give a 20-30 minute talk on True wellness and demonstrate Dr. Lyon’s work on 1-2 clients.

This event is for women who want to come together and have some high vibe organic wine, artisan cheeses, a& organic cacao products and learn about how to transform the stress of the last 2 years into True Wellness and radical regeneration.


Livity and Love

June 27th – July 2nd
Treasure Beach, Jamaica

A Healing Retreat in Jamaica with Dr. Matt and Lynn Lyon. This is a 5-day retreat in paradise at a beautiful bohemian and organic boutique hotel called Jake’s. The program will be a beautiful balance of structure and rest. We start the day with yoga, breathwork, and meditation. The day is then woven with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture sessions, group healing work, 1-1 therapy sessions with Lynn, rest, beach time, and amazing 100% local Jamaican food.MORE INFORMATION

Dr Matt Lyon Events | (720) 487-4477