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Meet Dr. Matt Lyon

The first thing you notice about Dr. Matt Lyon is his energy and passion for what he does. At the young age of 11, he fell in love with chiropractic and it continues even now!

At the age of 11, he was introduced to a local chiropractor who helped him with his asthma, anxiety and pain. Once better, he wanted to help heal others, not just through body mechanics, but also through energetic healing and self-actualization.

Even then, Dr. Lyon recognized chiropractic was a tool people could use to discover their innate power to heal, transform their bodies and minds and awaken to their true unbound nature.

An Education in Chiropractic

Dr. Lyon has studied since 2001 with a chiropractic master, Dr. Walter Schmitt. He taught him to embody and practice Applied Kinesiology.

Since 2017, Dr. Matt has studied closely and apprenticed with Dr. Steven Gangemi of Chapel Hill, NC who developed Systems Health Care. Dr. Gangemi is a master of Applied Kinesiology and has developed modern and powerful ways to work with challenging cases using kinesiology, chiropractic, and plant medicine.

Dr. Lyon currently studies and mentors with Dr. John Bandy, a world-renowned Applied Kinesiology physician. Dr. Bandy has skillfully integrated brain-based trauma healing into his work and has translated the work of Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Dr. Stephen Porges (developer of Poly Vagal Theory) and the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk into Clinical Kinesiology.

Dr. Lyon has also been mentored by and studies with Dr. Richard Belli, an innovative and brilliant doctor who has created the Neurological Applications of Applied Kinesiology framework which allows doctors to directly and powerfully help balance the brain and nervous system.

Dr. Lyon has been deeply mentored by Dr. Dominique Hort since 2008, founder and developer of the Horth Method which integrated Applied Kinesiology with bio-energetic approaches such as Network Spinal Analysis. From 2008 to 2016 Dr. Lyon deeply studied and integrated the work of another chiropractic pioneer Dr. Donald Epstein. Dr. Epstein created the Network Spinal Analysis method to help clients transform patterns of trauma and create neurological resilience.

Degrees, Certifications, and Mastery

Dr. Lyon holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He holds the highest degree of certification in Network Spinal and Somato Respiratory Integration. He is certified in Applied Kinesiology, with over 800 hours of advanced training.

Dr. Lyon works closely with the NeuroInfiniti company to help integrate and utilize brain-based outcome measures such as EEG (electroencephalogram) and Heart Rate Variability (which measures the vagus nerve) in his practice.

Dr. Lyon has also taught mindfulness and breathwork for nearly three decades and helped create a 6-month mindfulness and stress reduction program at Duke Energy, the largest energy utility in the United States. In addition to Duke Energy, Dr. Matt consulted with over 20 corporations to integrate wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness programs into corporate settings.

Dr. Matt has worked closely with Dr. Kerry McCord in developing a mentoring program for doctors around the globe looking to grow and excel as humans and doctors serving their communities with leading Applied Kinesiology tools.

Beginning in 2004, Dr. Matt also has studied with world renowned acupuncturist and author Lonny Jarrett to deepen his understanding and practice of classical acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. From 2005, Dr. Lyon studied the modern acupuncture approaches of Dr. Richard Tan.

Dr. Matt has a deep love of the healing power of herbs and plants and continues to study the work of plant medicine pioneer Dr. Michael Lebowitz. Dr. Matt is a student of life and believes in the constant and never-ending improvement and growth with his healing skills and knowledge.

Centering his Focus

Dr. Lyon built a thriving practice, seeing as many as 100 patients a day. Among his clientele were famous authors, celebrities, Hollywood actors, rock stars, pro athletes and many others. He has taught around the world, given speeches and held workshops. He had thousands of clients but his dream of individualized care was put on hold.

Eventually, the stress became too great. Dr. Lyon experienced pain and neurological problems like many of his patients. Through a program of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique and Foundation training, he was able to heal himself. The experience gave him even deeper insights into the link between posture, structure, biochemistry and emotion.

Once healed, Dr. Lyon realized how unhealthy his life had become, and made the decision to step away from practice for two years.

Dr. Lyon sold his clinic in NC and moved to Longmont, CO. His goal was to re-prioritize his life with an emphasis on self-care, love of family, spirituality and faith first. It is in this space Dr Matt Lyon was conceived. A concierge style facility where patient-centered care is the norm. This is what he went to school for and, in truth, what he was born to do.

The Practice Today

Dr. Lyon is passionate about wellness and providing excellent care to his patients. His love, listening ability, empathy and quest for excellence are what drive his success as a chiropractor. These traits, along with his mastery of technique that come from deep experience, are what he shares with his patients. He meditates twice every day, trains his mind and heart daily with rich spiritual practice and studies his clinical work a minimum of an hour per day. Dr. Lyon believes we can always grow and evolve.

My knowledge, skills, and accomplishments are only there to show you that I know what you are capable of. You are the hero of your healing journey.

Learn more about Dr. Lyon when you visit us for your first appointment. He can’t wait to help you learn more about health, naturally.

Dr. Matt Lyon | (720) 487-4477