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Applied Kinesiology

The human body is a living, vibrant collection of energy. As we go through life, our energy levels are fed repeatedly, allowing us to adapt, grow and heal. At times, stress levels can accumulate and allow negative energy to settle into our minds and bodies.

Dr. Lyon’s mission is to transform that negative energy into positive, coherent and powerful energy for healing and growth.

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) or “muscle strength testing”, is a method of diagnosis and treatment for imbalances in the body. We use AK in our practice to identify underlying structural, biochemical, and emotional imbalances caused by stress.

When we can see the patterns of imbalance, then we can help provide exactly what you need to spark the healing process.

Imagine this — when we find ourselves under stress, our muscles tense up causing pain. Think of when you have a stress headache and how stiff your neck can get. If you soak in a hot tub, your neck relaxes and the headache eases. This action/reaction process can occur anywhere in your body.

Applied kinesiology is integrative, working with chiropractic, acupuncture and other disciplines. Chinese medicine has long taught us that muscles are linked to particular organs, glands or acupuncture meridians. AK uses this information when a specific muscle weakness is found to identify any potential internal problems and promote healing.

Your Central Nervous Center (CNS) is the command center for your body. All the energy you take in and breathe out, all the mental and physical activities you perform, is handled and directed by the CNS. Sometimes, life gets so difficult the CNS gets overwhelmed and crashes, preventing you from releasing that stress. Once you lose the ability to deal with stress in your life, pressure can continue to build until physical symptoms like pain, anxiety, depression and illness manifest.

Applied kinesiology muscle testing reveals what is happening deep in your physiology and may find health issues other tests have missed. AK uses a series of tests to determine muscle strength, blood pressure variances, posture, gait and range of motion. There may also be testing of different foods, stressful scenarios and others.

Our focus is on complete restoration and your best health! Instead of resorting to medication, Dr. Lyon wants to help your body heal itself by adapting to stress and correctly processing it. We may not be able to remove all the stresses from your life but your body can learn how to deal with them a lot better.

Once the evaluation is complete, therapy may begin. Applied kinesiology is a truly integrative system that utilizes many therapies for the most effective treatment. That may include chiropractic adjustments, use of acupuncture meridians, nutrition, stress reduction practices, psychology and so much more.

Your care plan is designed with your specific needs in mind. Dr. Lyon targets your spine, muscles and breathing patterns to support and heal you from within. He then gently removes the interferences in your nervous system, without cracking or popping, to allow the natural flow of energy and self-healing to return to your body.

The benefits of the AK practice include physical pain improvement, mental and emotional strength, stress management and adaptation, and the excellent, quality life you need. Our goal is to reconnect the affected areas of your body and allow the body to heal itself.

Can You Benefit? Find Out

We’d love to help you understand how AK therapy may benefit your life. Contact Dr Matt Lyon today to learn more and to book your first session. We can’t wait to meet you!

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